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Attentive Preventative Care Management Program is an ERISA qualified Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Program (SIMRP) that emphasizes a Participatory wellness program. The Plan is voluntary and is a health-plan related program. The wellness program offers a personalized health dashboard with access to numerous preventative and medical benefits that improves the life and health of employees.

Participation in the SIMRP wellness program requires the employee to have an employer-sponsored medical plan. By pre-taxing these plans under a Section “125” Cafeteria Plan, a tax savings for each participating employer and employee is created. The SIMRP allows for premium reimbursement for the wellness medicals that qualify under a 213(d).

The following FAQ’s will provide answers how the Attentive Preventative Care Management Program SIMRP works:

What happens if there is legilative changes or future determinations by ruling agencies?
Although there are constant changes in legislation, we do not foresee changes to the Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan with a wellness focus in the near future. Attentive Preventative Care Management Program’ ERISA attorney and other attorneys are constantly monitoring this and will notify everyone promptly if changes occur.