Program Overview

The Attentive Preventative Care Management Program© allows employers and employees to reap the benefits of having a Self-Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan (SIMRP). When employees enroll in the program, they can access tax savings that enable them to add additional healthcare benefits and cover the expenses of the program without reducing their take-home pay.


Attentive Personal Portal (APP)


Our personalized participant portal houses a comprehensive suite of benefits that participants can access 24/7 online, through our mobile app, or on wearable devices. The portal is a live environment that uses A.I. to drive employee engagement and incorporates gamification to make using the benefits and tools a fun experience. In addition, Attentive’s Virtual Assistant (AVA) is always available to assist each employee in their well-being journey.


AI-powered Chronic Care Management


Our program uses the power of A.I. to achieve measurable outcomes. We target ten of the most costly utilizations to a medical plan. Employees receive personalized, in the moment communications with customized content specific to their chronic care plan.


  1. Baby wellness
  2. Behavioral health
  3. Cardiac
  4. Diabetes
  5. Hypertension
  6. Obesity
  7. Pregnancy
  8. Smoking cessation
  9. Stress management
  10. Substance Abuse

Program Benefits


Each participant’s personal portal gives them access to a comprehensive suite of benefits.


    • Telehealth with $0 Copay

Our team of providers can diagnose and treat any medical issue or injury. Our care coordinators can assist with follow-up care and coordination. We can prescribe medications when appropriate, order diagnostic tests, and assist with in-person medical treatment when necessary.


    • Teledentistry with $0 Copay

This comprehensive teledental solution offers convenient, robust care through 24/7/365 virtual consultations with licensed dentists via phone or video chat for advice and diagnoses on a wide variety of oral health ailments, urgent care, dental-related questions and second opinions.


    • Full EAP Program

Up to 6 in-person sessions per year to include drug and alcohol concerns. Legal, financial, childcare and eldercare are unlimited. Areas of support include:


      • Financial Concerns
      • Legal Concerns
      • Childcare And Eldercare Referrals
      • Stress
      • Marital Concerns
      • Family Concerns
      • Depression/Anxiety/Mood
      • Grief
    • Wellbeing Resiliency Program

The art and science of resilience-building is turned into an easy-to-follow program backed by more than 30 clinical trials. This program helps to lower stress, burnout, and anxiety. It will help participants find their way back to feeling peaceful, happy, and resilient by investing time in learning 4 new skills of nurturing gratitude, mindful presence, kindness, and a resilient mindset.


    • Personal Trainer Program

This 12-week program will activate all of the muscles in the body through high-intensity interval training. Participants will immensely increase their maximum aerobic capacity and gain overall better general health by increasing the length and intensity of sports activities.


    • Partner Relationship Program

Develop the skills and healthy behaviors that are scientifically proven to lead to long-lasting, satisfying relationships.


  • Immediately begin reducing stress
  • Includes 4 virtual visits with program coaches
  • Totally private and confidential from the comfort of home
  • Available 24/7/365
    • Addiction Recovery Program

This online addiction support and recovery learning strategy is provided via the Attentive Personal Portal (APP). It is for those who need to succeed in addiction recovery through an online learning program. It includes a full year video course and program, along with hundreds of insightful videos covering all aspects of substance use.


    • Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention Program

This is a comprehensive program which not only focuses on preventing diabetes, but also on weight loss, improved energy, decreased risk of serious illness such as heart disease, and learning simple, daily habits for a healthier lifestyle. The program includes monthly coaching calls with your own personal health coach, weekly group coaching sessions, and motivational emails.


    • Other Program Benefits

The Attentive program also includes a prescription drug program, credit repair program, and several other programs that participants can access.