Our Mission

Increasing Income and Improving Outcomes Through Our Cost Neutral Revenue Strategy


Why Attentive?

Attentive is the market leader in self-insured medical reimbursement program (SIMRP). Our program delivers a refined healthcare strategy for brokers and clients through a preventative care management program.


Our program is an innovative revenue strategy for brokers that accomplishes three main objectives.

    • First, brokers can add tremendous value for their clients while at the same time increasing revenue for themselves.

    • Second, our program creates substantial tax savings for clients, enables them to provide additional benefits for their employees, and lowers overall healthcare cost through behavior modification.

    • Third, our program delivers a robust suite of benefits to employees that motivate behavior change and healthy outcomes, all through our customized participant portal.

What is a Preventative Care Management Program?

Attentive uses the science of A.I. engagement to create real outcome improvement in all areas of health and wellbeing.


The preventative care management program includes a full suite of benefits that employees can customize to achieve measurable results.


Benefits include telehealth, teledentistry, chronic care management, employee assistance program, mental health support, addiction recovery, relationship counseling, weight loss management, and much more.

Our program targets the following strategic areas for clients:

    • Behavior modification through personalized member engagement, incremental improvements, and a 360 approach to improved health outcomes.


    • Economic recovery through healthcare cost reduction, reduction of negative claims experience, and payroll tax savings for employers.


    • Worker productivity through improved employee physical and mental health, reduced presenteeism and absenteeism, and enhanced chronic care management.


    • Employee retention through additional or enhanced benefits offering for employees, improved company culture, and increased worker loyalty.